Port in Air - the student theatre ensemble of the Englisches Seminar

Shakespeare on Edge (2011, Liliana Gnap)


Last year, Port in Air's production Shakespeare on Edge, was nominated for the "Kölner Theater Preis" and this year Port in Air has been chosen for the International Student Drama Festival (ISDF) in Sheffield. The ISDF is part of the London 2012 Festival, the finale of the Cultural Olympiad. It is "a nine-day celebration of young people's theatre, featuring the best of British work alongside exceptional productions by young people from across the world." Port in Air's latest production, Moderate Light Fastness – performed at Artheater Köln in February with further performances in May and June – is one of ten international shows chosen from over 150 to feature at the festival in June. It is the only company chosen from Germany and they will perform alongside companies from Japan, Israel, Palestine, Iran, Australia, Zimbabwe and the universities of Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge. UK Visiting Artists to the festival include: Royal Shakespeare Company, Old Vic Tunnels, and the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art. The festival offers a rich programme of workshops and discussion forums and the participation at the ISDF is a great opportunity for our students and a chance to present the work of the Englisches Seminar and the University to an international audience.

Shakespeare on Edge (2011, Liliana Gnap)


Port in Air has been running for nine years and since its foundation in 2003 the group performs regularly at the Artheater in Cologne and to date, Port in Air have devised and performed nine separate productions. All of these have been box office sell-outs, and the ensemble has been able to finance itself almost exclusively from ticket sales. Port in Air have also taken productions to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2005) and the 32nd MOT International Theatre Festival in Skopje (2007). Port in Air’s Why so all at once at home? was one of 15 productions selected world-wide for the MOT festival and the only production to represent Germany. It was also the only student production in the Festival. The achievements of Port in Air are the product of the openness and eagerness for experimentation and enormous hard work of our students.

Between Things (2010, Lily McLeish)

Port in Air, the Press, and the University

Port in Air plays a valuable public relations role in representing the University and the Seminar to the outside world and the productions have from the outset won high critical acclaim:

  • Echte Entdeckung: Das Ensemble "Port in Air" macht mitreißendes Theater. (Kölnische Rundschau)
  • Richard Aczels Theaterstücke sind kleine Symphonien: sprachlich melodiös, lyrisch, hoch emotional ... großartiges Theater. (Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger)

Public recognition for Port in Air is also public recognition for the Englisches Seminar and the University.

  • Es ist immer wieder erstaunlich, wie viele Theatertalente Richard Aczel in seinen Englisch-Seminaren an der Universität aufspürt. (Kölner Stadtanzeiger)
  • Seit nun schon acht Jahren bereichert ‚Port in Air‘, das Theaterprojekt von Anglistikdozent Richard Aczel mit seinem studentischen Ensemble, die Kölner Theaterszene. Dass ‚studentisch‘ in diesem Fall keineswegs ambitioniertes, aber ästhetisch mageres Laienspieltheater meint, beweist die jüngste Aufführung. (Kölner Stadtanzeiger)
  • Port in Air, das am englischen Seminar der Uni Köln beheimatete Ensemble, ist unter der Leitung von Richard Aczel nicht nur zum festen Bestandteil der Kölner Theaterszene geworden. Die Gruppe fungiert inzwischen auch als Talentschmiede, in der Profis und Amateure aufeinandertreffen. (Stadtrevue Köln)
Moderate Light Fastness (2012, André Valente)

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