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Dr. Julius Greve


Englisches Seminar I
Universität zu Köln
50931 Köln


WS 2016/17

Hauptseminar: “‘Confederacy of Ruined Lives’: Images, Musics, and Texts from the Deep South”; graduate course on the potential contact zone between Southern Studies and Media Studies, examining various media practices and their objects from Civil War poetry and photography to Dave Eggers’ nonfiction novel Zeitoun

SS 2016

Hauptseminar: “The Weird and the Fantastic in American Literature”; graduate course on a particular strand in American Gothic fiction and its relations to literary and philosophical notions of the uncanny, the grotesque, and the supernatural

SS 2014

Proseminar: “Writing Nature from Transcendentalism to the Present”; upper-level undergraduate survey course on the concept of nature as it evolves in American literature from Ralph W. Emerson to Cormac McCarthy 

Übung: “‘The Continent of Flat Thoughts’ – Theories of Photography and the American Imagination”; upper-level undergraduate course on German, French and, above all, American photographic theory and practice

WS 2012/13

Proseminar: “American Modernist Poetry – From Imagism to the Long Poem”; upper-level undergraduate course on the question of novelty as it evolves in American poetry and its sister arts in the first half of the twentieth century 

SS 2012

Übung: “The Road Novel”; upper-level undergraduate course on the figure of ‘the road’ in American fiction, film, music, and photography



Office hours: Wednesdays, 11.00 – 12.00 a.m.; appointment via email


Take note: next o.h. during the semester break will take place on Monday (March 6, 2017), 4 – 5.30 p.m., and Tuesday (March 7, 2017), 11 - 12 a.m.



  • American fiction from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century: especially Herman Melville, Cormac McCarthy, and Mark Z. Danielewski
  • Modern American Poetry
  • Ecocriticism and Geocriticism
  • Intermediality and Musicology
  • Material Culture
  • Literature and (the History of) Science
  • Marxism, Dialectical Criticism
  • Cognitive Poetics and Psychoanalysis
  • Speculative Realism, New Materialism, and Philosophy of Nature: esp. Friedrich W. J. Schelling, Lorenz Oken, and Iain Hamilton Grant
  • Neurophilosophy: Eliminativism vs. Enactivism
  • French philosophy: esp. Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari, Jacques Rancière, and François Laruelle