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Prof. Dr. Beate Neumeier


Prof. Dr. Beate Neumeier
Professor of English Literature

Contact Info

Englisches Seminar I
50931 Köln

Telefon +49 (0) 221 / 470 - 57 15 (Secretary: Ms Eltschig)
Fax +49 (0) 221 / 470 - 51 09 (Secretary: Ms Eltschig)
E-Mail neumeier(at)uni-koeln.de

Next office hours: 10th October 2018, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm.

Please use Phil Services to sign up.

Philosophikum, First Floor, Room 1.117

Information for Exam Candidates

Please submit both a hard copy and an email version of your reading list handout to Ms Eltschig (beltschi(at)uni-koeln.de).

Please note that all reading lists for the "schriftliche Staatsexamen" must be submitted by January 10th (Prüfungsphase I) or June 20th (Prüfungsphase II). For all other written exams, reading lists must be submitted six weeks before to the exam. For oral exams, the reading list must be handed in four weeks in advance, while the handout can be submitted a week ahead of it.