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Please note:

Dear students,

times are uncertain which makes planning ahead difficult. Here are some things we do know:

1) classes will not begin until April 20. Enrollment is via KLIPS only, in case you do not have a place in the class of your choice, you may wait for spaces to clear or contact our coordinators for placement in the type of class you need. 

2) ALL oral exams have been postponed indefinitely. In case this exam is the last missing component prior to graduation, please send me evidence to that effect. An alternative assignment may be possible. 

3) Alternative assignments will NOT take the form of a 2,5 page essay. This is a proposal for classes that do not require a MODULABSCHLUSSPRÜFUNG. 

4) Alternative assignments WILL become available ONLY in case we cannot move to a regular schedule after the postponed beginning of the semester.  They will become available soon after that decision can be made and graded expediently.

5) Office hours will resume after April 6. (more information below)

Online teaching will be reading and writing intensive. Materials will become available after April 6.

Please bear with us as we are doing our best to ensure that you can proceed with your studies as planned.

Best wishes,

Chris Bongartz & Team