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Code of Conduct for Digital Teaching

As it is unclear whether physical attendance at university will be allowed this semester, team Berressem will hold its seminars mostly via the video conference software Zoom. In order to ensure everyone’s education in a safe and productive environment, please note the following:

  • Download the Zoom software (https://zoom.us/) and familiarize yourself with its features before the first class meeting, which will take place at the time of the original face-to-face seminar. The Zoom websites offer useful videos to do so.
  • Everyone’s audio feature will be deactivated during the class. Please use the raise hand feature when you want to make a contribution to the class. The teacher will then unmute you. You are encouraged to use the nonverbal feedback features in addition to your class contributions.
  • All seminar meetings are password protected. You will find the invitations and passwords for your sessions in a seperate Email sent to you via ILIAS.
  • Please do not provide anyone who is not registered for the course with the link or password of the Zoom-meeting.
  • In order to protect everyone’s personal rights, it is not permitted to take photographic, audio, or video recordings of the seminar. For more information, please refer to the university’s FAQ on data protection issues.
  • Please refer to the university and the faculty websites for updates and information on the Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) and its consequences for university life.
  • Check your university emails and ILIAS folders regularly to stay updated on the course proceedings.
  • Do not hesitate to contact the respective teachers of your classes with questions or concerns.

We hope that you stay safe and well,

Team Berressem