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Accommodations for Students with Disabilities, Chronicle Illnesses, or Care-Taking Responsibilities

If you have a (learning) disability, a chronicle illness, or care-taking responsibilities (for children or other family members) that keep you from participating in courses in the way you would like to or from completing some of the course readings and tasks, please do not hesitate to ask for replacement tasks or a waiving of certain course requirements. I firmly believe that students have to take responsibility for their own learning, but the ultimate goal is for everyone to take away as much as possible from their studies. If accommodations on my part can remove hurdles and help students to do that, we will try to provide them.


Courses in the Current Semester

Winter 2021/22

JProf. Dr. Judith Rauscher: "American Gothic" (Mid-Level Seminar)


JProf. Dr. Judith Rauscher: "Masses, Classes, and the State in American Literature" (Advanced-Level Seminar)



Courses in Upcoming Semesters

Summer 2022

JProf. Dr. Judith Rauscher: "In/Visibility in Queer American Literature" (Advanced-Level Seminar)


JProf. Dr. Judith rauscher: "Emily Dickinson's Poetry" (Mid-Level Seminar)

Winter 2022/23

JProf. Dr. Judith Rauscher: “Asian American Literature and Culture” (HS/Advanced-Level Seminar)


JProf. Dr. Judith Rauscher: “Ecocriticism and Mobility Studies” (OS/Colloquium)


Verena Wurth: “New Golden Age TV: Crimes and Other Disasters” (PSSP/Basic-Level Seminar)



Courses in Previous Semesters

Summer 2021

JProf. Dr. Judith Rauscher: "American Refugee Stories" (Advanced-Level Seminar)


JProf. Dr. Judith Rauscher: "Single-Sex Societies in American Culture" (Mid-Level Seminar)


Verena Wurth: "Black Feminism" (Basic-Level Seminar)

Winter 2020/21

JProf. Dr. Judith Rauscher: "American Women's Poetry" (Lecture)


JProf. Dr. Judith Rauscher: "American Popular Culture and the Environment" (Advanced-Level Seminar)


Verena Wurth: "Tutorial: American Popular Culture and the Environment" (Tutorial)