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Winter Term 2022-2023


Prof. Dr. Christiane Bongartz 


English in Context - A Linguistic Journey (VL)

This lecture class will be devoted to a paradox: if multilingualism is a default condition of the human mind, why do societies seem to struggle with it? We will be looking at English(es) in a variety of settings, ranging from Morocco to Morschenich. Looking at speakers, identities, and grammars, we will address guest speakers with discussion questions and explore epistemes such as 'the multilingual turn' and 'monolingualism.'

Researching multilingualism. Emerging paradigms and epistemic challenges (HS)

In this class, we will examine ways in which multilingualism has been conceptualized in psycholinguistic research studies. We will explore definitions and settings from a critical perspective; would there be a way to shift from a notion of separateness of languages to one that integrates repertoires? Students will design their own projects working in groups.

English morphology and word formation (HS)

In this advanced graduate seminar, students will work on projects of their own design. Based on extensive readings in the theory of morphology, the project work will involve a group presentation that lays out alternative conceptualizations of a morphological phenomenon (e.g. portmanteau, synthetic compounds, productivity, headedness, affixation) from the literature. In addition, cross-linguistic comparisons will be drawn to account for a potential multilingual account of the phenomenon under consideration.

Generative, optimal, distributed - readings in the morphosyntax of English (LA Artes) (OS)

This class in advanced morphology affords students the opportunity to work on relevant readings in preparation for thesis submission or oral exams. You will compile your own reading lists based on informed suggestion from class and provide an annotated bibliography to be shared with others.

Course taught by Prof. Dieter Stein

Linguistics and language learning (KO)

This class is a 'Prüfungskolloquium.' Students will contribute their work and provide peer feedback. Planning for exams, choosing topics, further preparation, as well as formal expectations will be discussed.



Vasileia Skrimpa (M.A, M.A)


Multilingualism: the interplay of language and cognition (PSSP) 

The PSSP "Multilingualism: the interplay of language and cognition" will provide an introduction to the notion of multilingualism and the way multilingual language acquisition is not an exception but rather the norm in nowadays societies.

The focus of the seminar lies in the interplay of language and cognition and their bidirectional relationship in multilingual contexts.



Please note: A letter of recommendation can only be issued after completion of at least one class. Issuing will take approximately 3 weeks.