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Projekte am Lehrstuhl Kohnen


  • A Corpus of English Religious Prose. Thomas Kohnen, Sandra Boggel, Tanja Rütten, Dorothee Groeger, Ingvilt Marcoe, Kirsten Gather, Anne Döring

Laufende Dissertationen

  • Investigating directive speech acts in Early Modern English correspondence. A corpus-based study on factors of language variation and change. Anne Döring
  • Metaphorical and Metonymic Processes in Late Middle English and Early Modern English Religious Discourse. A Cognitive Corpus-based Study. Stefanie Leu


Abgeschlossene Dissertationen

  • Metadiscourse in Middle English and Early Modern English religious texts - A corpus-based study. Sandra Boggel
  • How to do things with texts - Patterns of instruction in religious discourse 1350-1700. Tanja Rütten
  • The Early English impersonal construction: An analysis of verbal and constructional meaning. Ruth Möhlig-Falke
  • The pamphlet as a format of publication - A corpus-based study of Early Modern religious pamphlets. Dorothee Groeger
  • Syntactic dislocation in English congregational song between 1500 and 1900 - A corpus-based study. Kirsten Gather

Laufende Habilitation

  • Modality in Non-Modals. A historical study of performativity. Tanja Rütten