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JProf.' Dr.' Judith Rauscher

American Literature and Culture

"In the humanities, [...] we are always engaged in illuminating the present by drawing on the past;
it is the only way to make a future worth hoping for.” (Kwame Anthony Appiah)

"The classroom, with all its limitations, remains a location of possibility." (bell hooks)

Welcome to the website of JProf. Dr. Judith Rauscher and her team! 

Judith Rauscher is assistant professor (Juniorpofessorin) of American literature and culture at the University of Cologne.

You can find more information on upcoming and past events, current research projects, teaching activities, module and final exams as well as general study information below.

Main Research Areas

  • Literature, Culture, and the Environment
  • Speculative Fiction, Film, and TV
  • Mobility Studies, Violence Studies
  • American Poetry
  • Gender & Queer Studies
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