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PD Dr. Marlena Tronicke (She/Her)

Interim Professor 

office: Philosophikum, room 1.117
email: mtronick@uni-koeln.de
office hours: Tuesday, 15-16h (book via

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Dr. Daniel Schäbler (He/Him)

Postdoctoral Researcher

office: Philosophikum, room 1.116

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St.-Ex. Sarah Busch (She/They)

Doctoral Researcher

e-mail: sbusch15@uni-koeln.de
office: Philosophikum, room 1.116
twitter: @sa_busch

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Prof. Dr. Susanne Gruß


Professor of English Literature and Culture (focus on Gender & Queer Studies)

Dear students,
I have left the University of Cologne for a professorship at the University of Bamberg. If I have already agreed to supervise your BA- or MA-thesis either this summer term or winter term 2024/25, I will do so. If you still want to hand in a term paper for a seminar you took with me in summer term 2023 or winter term 2023/24, you can register for the MAP with PD Dr. Marlena Tronicke. The same goes for oral exams. It was a pleasure meeting and teaching so many of you!
Warm regards & take care,
Susanne Gruß

office hours: by appointment only
e-mail: susanne.gruss [at] uni-bamberg.de

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Bärbel Eltschig

administration / Sekretariat

office: Philosophikum, room 1.118

e-mail: beltschi [at] uni-koeln.de
phone: +49 221 / 470-5715

Bärbel Eltschig co-ordinates the dates of oral exams for Professor Gruß - please send your reading lists and/or theses handouts to her.

Lily Schwieren (She/Her)

Student Assistant
studies: M.ed. English and History (Educational Studies)                                      
e-mail: lschwie1 [at] uni-koeln.de

Please contact Lily Schwieren for general questions concerning your course of studies.