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Current and Upcoming Visits

WS 2022/2023

Prof. Julia Leyda (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)

  • Project: "American Eco-TV"

  • Collaborators: Verena Wurth and Judith Rauscher

  • Visit: Oct.  22-29, 2022

  • Funded by the CA IV: Cultures and Societies in Transition (Funding line 2: Cooperation)


Dr. Nisha Kommattam (University of Chicago, USA)

  • Project: Eingeschlechtliche Gesellschaften

  • Collaborators: Judith Rauscher

  • Visit: October - December 2022

  • Funded by the Auerbach Zentrum of the University of Cologne


SoSe 2023

Prof. Rita Dove (African-American poet)

  • Project: African American Poetry and the Classics (AT)

  • Collaborators: Giulia Sperduti, Anna Bonifazi, Anke Ortlepp, et al.

  • Visit: May 19-26, 2023