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Courses and Exams

Courses in SuSe 2020

Prof D. Adone:

Aspects of Ethnosyntax (Hauptseminar), Tue. 10-11:30

Linguistic Typology (Hauptseminar), Tue. 14-15:30, in Verbindung mit Vorlesung

Endangered Languages of Australia (Vorlesung), Thur. 10-11:30

Prüfungskolloquium, Thur. 14-15:30

Dr. Melanie Brück:

Introduction to Linguistics 02 (EFS), Wed. 14-15:30

Introduction to the Languages of Australia (Onlineseminar)

Thomas Batchelor:

Morphology (Proseminar), Wed. 14-15:30

Speaking and Writing in English 8 (Focus on Linguistics), Wed. 16-17:30


Visiting Lecturers

WiSe 18/19: Block Seminar, Dr. Knut Olawsky: "Working with Endangered Languages", 25th-29th March 2019; S 58 Philosophikum

SuSe 19: Block Seminar, Dr. Piers Kelly: "Linguistic fieldwork: An introduction to topics and methods", 23th-27th September 2019; S 65 Philosophikum



General information concerning exams can be found on the Homepage of the English Department

Information concerning exams with Prof Adone is available in an Ilias Folder. The password can be found on the Welcome Sheets of the classes.