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Accommodations for Students with Disabilities, Chronic Illnesses, or Care-Taking Responsibilities

If you have a (learning) disability or a chronic illness that makes you elligble for disadvantage compensation (Nachteilsausgleich), please get in touch with JProf. Rauscher before you register for the exam, so the appropriate adjustments to the exam can be made.

If you have care-taking responsibilities (for children or other family members) that may keep you from keeping the expected deadlines or from taking an exam in the form it is described here, please do not hesitate to approach JProf. Rauscher about possible adjustments to the examination procedure. I firmly believe that students have to take responsibility for their studies, but if accommodations can be made to remove hurdles, we will gladly provide them.

Examinations with Compensation for Disadvantages (NTA)


Students with a disability or with a chronic or mental illness can apply for disadvantage compensation (Nachteilsausgleich, NTA) at the responsible examination office upon presentation of a medical certificate.

Once the applicaiton is approved, the examination office provides NTA documents that define measures to be taken by instructors in courses or examinations in order to compensate for the students' disadvantages.

NTA documents commonly allow for a certain flexibility in measures and a range of options for compensations, which is why measures for compensation will have to be adapted individually depending on the degree of impairment, the content of the course, and the type of examination.

In order to organize disadvantage compensation for individual students consistently and reliably, the English Seminar I has deviced the following process:

  1. Students send a PDF version of the NTA document together with the filled-out form "Notification of an exam with disadvantage compensation" via email to the following address: beratung-es1[at] The Deadline for the submission of NTA documents is December 1 for the winter semester and June 1 for the summer semester.
  2. Upon receiving the documents, the ESI management office will contact the respective examiner(s) to discuss the concrete measures of compensation for the selected exam.
  3. The examiner then informs the examinee about the proposed compensation measures.

Please find additional information and all forms on the website "Procedure for module examinations with compensation for disadvantages (NTA)" (