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About gender forum

gender forum: An Internet Journal for Gender Studies is an online, peer reviewed academic journal dedicated to issues of gender and sexuality. As an open-access journal, gender forum offers a free-of-charge platform for the scholarly discussion of gender-related topics in the fields of literary and cultural production, media, and the arts. Inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Beate Neumeier in 2002, past issues of the journal have focused on various topics, drawing from theoretical perspectives such as feminist criticism, gender studies, queer studies, and masculinity studies. gender forum also includes reviews and occasionally interviews, fictional pieces and works of poetry. gender forum is currently edited by a team of general editors consisting of Judith Rauscher, Susanne Gruß, and Johanna Pitetti-Heil, together with an international advisory editorial board and a wonderful team of student assistants and editorial interns.

The team of gender forum is always looking for interns. If you are interested in doing an internship with gender forum, please send an email to We give priority to students from the University of Cologne, whose study programs require them to complete an internship and who are considering to pursue an academic career after completing their studies.

During the summer of 2023, gender forum moved plattforms in order to adapt the journal to current standarts of open access publishing and in order to ensure permanent access to the scholarship published in the journal since its foundation. Until the transition onto the new plattform is complete, you can find an archive of issues 1 - 82 of gender forum on the old website of the journal. Starting with issue 22.1 (2023), all issues as well as all upcoming CfPs will be published on the new website.


Current and Upcoming Calls for Papers

You can find all upcoming CfPs on the new website of gender forum.


Current Issues

Edited by Sara Tewelde-Negassi, Judith Rauscher, and Alexandra Novakov (all University of Cologne)

  • Judith Rauscher: Editorial
  • Sara Tewelde-Negassi: Introductoin


  • Andrea Aguilar Ferro (U of Lodz/U of Granada): “Menstruating in Nepantla”: Decolonizing my Autohistoria through Gloria Anzaldúa’s “path of conocimiento”

  • Daniel Schulz (U of Cologne): “The Strategic Eversion of Pornography”: Ninja Thyberg’s Pleasure

  • Enakshi Samarawickrama (U of Nottingham Malaysia): Hegemonic and Non-Hegemonic Masculinities in Things Fall Apart and Pow!

  • Eva Maria Geicht (U of Cologne): The Negotiations of Masquerade, Sisterhood and Subversiveness in Elif Shafak’s Three Daughters of Eve


  • Zoe Moscovici (Indiana U): "An Interdisciplinary and Multicultural Analysis of Sex Work". Review of
    Goldenberg, Shira M., Ruth Morgan Thomas, Anna Forbes, Stefan Baral., editors. Sex Work, Health, and Human Rights: Global Inequities, Challenges, and Opportunities for Action. Springer International P, 2021.

Find the full issue and more information about gender forum here.


Upcoming Issues

  •   22.2 [2023] Gender, Age, and the New Media, edited by Ruth Gehrmann and Julia Velten (both JGU Mainz)
  •   22.3 [2023/24] Early Career Researchers X, edited by Sarah Busch and Susanne Gruß (both U of Cologne)
  •   23.1 [2024] Queering Postcolonial Worlds, edited by Rita Maricocchi, Dorit Neumann, Ola Talabi, and Cori Wieser-Cox (all U of Münster)

Once they have been published, you will be able to find the full issues on the new website of gender forum.