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The Kathy Acker Reading Room in Cologne is the personal library of Kathy Acker as gifted to the English Department of the University of Cologne by Matias Viegener in 2015.

It contains 6054 books, magazines, and pamphlets. 47 letters and postcards, of which only three are written by Acker, personally.

Contained within the library is a diversity of works annotated by Acker, reaching from George Bataille and Jean Genet, to the experimental outputs of William Burroughs and arthistorically (and culturally) relevant publications by Fluxus. Contained within the Reading Room is also an extensive number of feminist writings, specific favorites of Acker being Luce Irigaray and Julia Kristeva.

There are also LPs, Tapes, and CDs. If you do Kathy Acker Studies, you'll never be able to get as close to her as you can do here!


The Kathy Acker Reading Room is open to visitors with research interests.

Please direct your questions and requests (including scheduling study visits)

to the American Studies department. 

Contact us at least two weeks before your visit date.




You can find the catalogue of the Kathy Acker Reading Room here.
Please note that as of yet, not all titles have been catalogued but we are working on adding them to the list.